Mining, Metals and Oil

An integrated business from productions to global marketing.



We continue to strengthen our relationship with major buyers and sellers of oil. Recently we obtained mandate to buy oil for purchasers from the world’s largest oil broker.

Our copper commodity department is run as a mixture between operations with sub-suppliers and producers in Africa, Mexico and Peru. Our presence enables us to source commodities from several key regions and engage with consumers across borders. We are experiencing rapid growth, and our copper producers and ore suppliers are present with us in major copper producing regions.
We have lead in stock. 99.96%
We do not currently trade with ZincWe will market zinc, and lead concentrates - raw materials used to produce zinc and lead as well as valuable by-products such as gold and silver.

We opening up the market of bulk ferroalloys (ferrochrome, ferromanganese, silicon manganese, and ferrosilicon), noble ferroalloys (vanadium and molybdenum), ores (chrome and manganese) and cobalt. The customer base is geographically diverse and consists of, multinational European, American and Asian businesses across carbon, stainless steel and other special steel industries. Most products will be sold to end users, although a portion is sold to intermediaries.
Iron Ore
We market iron ore and we transact with a geographically diverse customer base, which consists of European, American and Asian businesses and other special steel industries. We mostly sell to end users, and to some intermediaries.

We have upcoming iron ore sub-production opportunities through development projects in Africa.