Our History

Kjærgård Trading originates in Danish agriculture as our founder’s family had small to medium sized farmlands. Denmark is well-known for it’s consistently serious and committed approach towards production, sales and logistics. We know our heritage, which dates back to the 18th century, and we take pride in what we can offer our clients in Denmark.

Kjærgård Trading’s business springs from Kjærgård Carpentry and Sales, established in the early 1980’s, from where it has to grown to where it now has several projects in different areas, mostly in renewable energy. Biofuel Technology, where we produce and install second-generation ethanol facilities, has it’s main markets in China, eastern Europe, and also Scandinavia.

Globally our group also has the world’s most advanced cooler in the cement industry, another area where we excel is in fish farming RAS technology. Kjærgård Trading ApS is as of today focused on the physical marketing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and minerals and crude oil. During 2013 and 2014 we will be working towards establishing our own portfolio in the production of Copper, lead and other metals suitable for our business.

In our Energy Products business segment, we will be trading with agricultural products and pellets and grains.

The roots of Kjærgård Trading goes back to my father, who always gave me the option to be a part of his trade and work from my very early childhood, and to honour my promise to my heritage, I will take this company and drive it up to be a respectable production, commodity, and trading company.

If you care to join us and work with us, fell free to take contact

Ole Kjærgård
e-mail: okj@kjt.dk

Our company (which was renamed Kjærgård Trading ApS) built on a portfolio of businesses operating in the construction and natural resources sector.