Kjærgård Trading’s strategy is to build upon, and maintain, its position as one of Denmark’s most diversified natural resource companies. KT is the logical next step for two highly complementary businesses, as we provide further experience and skill to supplement our production expertise. Furthermore, we also bring marketing and trading expertise to our business partners.

This combination allows us to take advantage of changing trends in the way natural resources are being supplied and consumed, especially as a result of increased demand in emerging economies.

Our unique business model allows us to benefit from diversification of both hard and soft commodities. We hope to make an impact globally via first exploration to production and processing through to marketing and distribution to our end customers. This and our entrepreneurial culture and value-seeking mindset sets us apart from our industrial peers and allows us to create value in the short, medium and long term whilst maximizing our opportunities throughout the cycle.

Kjærgård Trading benefits from superior growth from the two businesses complementary project pipelines, along with resilient and sustained profitability in marketing. We prioritize projects with the highest return and most effective cost management, which allows us to enhance our logistical capabilities, which in turn further enhances our returns.

The growth prospects for Kjærgård Trading are enormous and will be very demanding for our staff over the next 10 years. We are eager to combine our industrial assets, which in turn will create more opportunities for growth in marketing.

Our relationship to third party commodity producers allows us to identify opportunities to expand our asset base, as we continue to purchase from them. Diversification and flexibility will enable us to seize opportunities, provided they are consistent with our strategy.